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Global Advisers & Consultants Corporation is an idea of Ratnesh Dwivedi who is Professor by profession Writer by nature and Science enthusiast by instinct and have brought up a team of experienced experts of their respective areas who continuously advise our partner compan...


Years Of Experience
Media & Political Consultancy

Adaptive Media Consultancy and Management to obtain positive press coverage.

Business Consultancy

For Growth in Global Business with proper Strategies & Planning

Web Security & AI

Social Media Marketing & Web Development & Security to meet the Unique & standard Infrastructure

Education & Energy

To Set up University for Technical & Non-technical Education & Successful Energy Setup


Why Choose Us

  • Beneficial Strategies

    We provide the proven method of consultancy for the Task assigned in time frame.

  • Qualified Tool Based

    All kind of qualified professionals are in our core systems to enhance the capabilities of the Business

  • Result Oriented Approach

    We at Global Advisers always focoused on the approach of the Business task that we have taken in our hand.


What Expert tells about us?

I highly recommend Dr. Ratnesh Dwivedi! He’s skilled, talented and positioned to make advances that others need to see. He’s on top of his field!

David M. Lucas (Ph. D.)
Director & CEO, David Lucas Communication Inc.

I am indeed honored to be Chief Advisor of Prof (Dr) Ratnesh Dwivedi's News & Media/Think Tank/Academic Organization and Political/Business Consultancy firm 'Global Advisers & Consultants Corporations'.

Hon Peter B Zwack
Brig General & Cheif Military Intelligence Officer, U.S. Army (Retd)

Ratnesh has been instrumental in bringing awareness to others. He is an expert in educating others in a way the listener needs to hear the message to achieve the intended outcome, this is a gift that outweighs formal education and certainly compliments education to serve others efficiently.

Dr. Lisa Christiansen
Author, Innovator & Athelet

Dr. Ratnesh Dwivedi is member of Advisory Board with a dozen Research Bodies and 24 Corporate Firms. He has many certification from NASA and working in India for past 25 years

David Odalric Caixal I Mata
Director General, SECINDEF Israel

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